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In which streets it is located.external image Casa_y_Torre_de_los_Lujanes_%28Madrid%29_01.jpg

The house and tower of the Lujanes is located in the "Plaza de la Villa",3,it is located in de casco historico of Madrid near the Calle Mayor.

Century and years of construction.

The tower was built in the begining of the 15th century and the house at the end of the same.

who told to built the building.

tower of the lujanes
tower of the lujanes

The stately house was told to built by Alvaro de Lujan in 1494.

Who built it.

The author is anonymous.

Why was it built and what is it used for.

It has been post to various uses, residence of King Francis I of France (1520). At the end of the 16th century Fernando and Diego of Lujan, in the middle of the 18th century was the residence of the Conde of Castro Ponce. During the reign of Fernado VII there were located optical telegraph installations, since 1858 it became the seat of the Madrid Economic Society of Friends of the Country, the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, and the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Naturals Sciences. One year before this institutions were moved here, the government decided to conserve this building and they took care of its reform, although the opinion of the critics this shouldn`t be so correct because the architectonic elements of the facade were revoked, except for the facade of granite stonework . In 1910 the city council asked the architect Luis Bellido Gonzalez the restoration of the building to install the Municipal Newspaper Library, but they also recovered the original architectural elements of the Hospital De La Latina and the empty tombs of Beatriz Galindo and Francisco Ramírez.En 1983 the Municipal Newspaper Library was moved to the Barracks of the Conde Duque and the hallway tombs were took to the ancient Hospizio San Fernando, seat of the Municipal Museum. Fernando Chueca Goitia reformed the interior of the building for new needs of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

Building description .

The whole mudejar style (the tower has a horsesehoe on his door from the street "el Codo"). Consistes of a stately house and a robust wire fence. The house has an irregular plant and a central patio.
It was one of the highest buildings in the capital, probably the highest of the civil buildins, it has an interesting gothic facade.

Why it is important.
house and tower of the lujanes
house and tower of the lujanes

It was important because it was one of the highest buildings in the capital, probably the highest of the civiles buildings.It's one of the most emblematic building of the capital, it is consederated the oldest civil building of Madrid.