By:Alba Morán,Lidia San Juan and Yaiza Moreno

Almendro Street

The Christian wall of Madrid is founded in the Almendro street and in others streets.

Where is it placed?

The Almendro Street is placed between the streets Nuncio and Segovia parallel to Cava Baja Street.
The nearest underground is ''La Latina'' and ''Tirso de Molina'' but this one is more far away.
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The name came from a tree of that type that was from the gardens of Rodrigo de Vargas that was descendant of San Isidro master, Ivan de Vargas.
When the street was created the Almendro was in the middle and they ordered to cut it in 1742 because was a nuisance to walk.
The oldest part received the name of ``Travesía Del Almendro´´
The stable that San Isidro used to store the bullocks and the well that he used to give water to the animals were situated there. In a place in the street behind a grille the rests of the Christian Wall are situated. They can be seen now.
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