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"La escalinata" is a small street between the mayor street and the square of Isabel II. The most characteristic ​buildings are the herbalist, the workshop of tattoo and piercing Dark, the shop of minerals Natura and the bookstore of La Escalinata that is opened since 1978 and is specialty in ancient books about different matters.
In front of the barbecue Real is the café Real that curiously is a pizzeria. .Also in the street is a jeweller, a famous octopus store, a store of minerals and the cafe Madrid where normally are meetings of people who speak different idioms.
The most pretty business is the bookstore. It was declared by the Madrid council a historic business because the work of conservation that the bookstore execute. This bookstore 30 years ago only sold bikes. Curiously, in the same building lived Cansino Sáenz.
The street of "La Escalinata" can be see in the neighbourhood of Ópera.

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