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Calle Cava Baja

It was the first and only pit that was at the entrance of the wall. It was full of water and defensive clearance to prevent intrusions.
Today is full of bars and taverns, some very important as the Dragon. The new houses built, still remains part of the wall Muslim, then the tourists can go to the houses and see what's left of it.
Directly received the name of Cava Baja since died (or disappeared) in which the pit was located.

The cavas

The most widespread theory explains that in the Middle Ages, when the town was surrounded by a wall, the area between the Moors and closed doors was completely flat, so we had to dig a large pit or mine defense to prevent incursions. These were used by both Arabs and Christians to enter and leave the city without using the doors.
La Cava Baja was a moat to keep out the criminals, however, the Cava Alta was never a moat, but acquired the name because it is parallel to this.
Now, the wineries are fully or partially filled with restaurants, taverns, bars, and even some hotels.
It was once called Cava Baja and Cava Alta in San Francisco because they had access to the Convent of San Francisco.
They are located between Humilladero Street, the street of Toledo, ranging from square closed doors.

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