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1.¿Where it is located?

This church is located on the street
San Justo in Madrid nex to Archbishop's Palace, In a zone named ''El Madrid de los Austrias''.

2.When was built?

Its construction is prior to the 13th century but the church suffer a fire and the actual construction was started on the year 1739, and finish in the year 1745.

3.Who ordered to built?

Not known. But after the fire, in the XVIII century order to rebuild the Cardinal Infante Luis Antonio de Borbón y Farnesio.

4.Who built it?

Before the fire he suffered, is unknown author of the church. And in the XVIII century were built by architect Santiago Bonavia.

5.Why was it built?

It was built for pray an to conffered God.

6.What is currently used?

Normally used for masses and confessions for other celebrations like weddings or communions.

7.Building Description

It is small , this is one of the most important architectural buildings of Spanish baroque, by the oval shape of its facade, unusual in the country and only in the Baroque Madrid, topped by two towers with pinnacles.

8.Why is it important?

The basicilica of San Miguel is important because of its artistical value.

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