1. What marks the difference between a civil and a religious building?

The difference was that civil buildings were built to treat justice and politics matters and protect the cities and religious buildings were built to pray or to raise God.

2. Make a list of the most important civil buildings and another of the most important religious buildings in the city that you can still see today

Civil Buildings:

The Christian Wall


Alamillo Square

The Muslim Wall

Sta Catalina de los Donados Hospital

-Religious buildings:

Church of St. Miguel de los Ochotes

Church of St. Pedro el viejo

Church de St. Nicolas de los Servitas

3. What function did the civil buildings have? What were they used for?

-The Christian Wall: was built after the reconquest to protect the city of Madrid.

-Ribat: It was constructed to avoid being invaded. It was used as a monastery to pray.

-Alamillo Square: was constructed because the Muslims wanted to settle there the Justice Tribunal, a Town Hall and a building to live

-Muslim Wall: It was constructed to defend the mosque,the house of the Emir and the Alcazar, also to protect the strenght,were now is placed the real palace.
-Sta Catalina de los donados hospital: It was a hospital for old people

4. What function did the religious buildings have? What were they used for?

-Parish of San Gines: Was used to worship San Gines de Arles. It was also useful during the Civil War as militar mercy. Nowadays it is used for Catholic masses.

-Church of San Miguel de los Octoes: It was constructed to conffered God and to pray.

-Church of San Pedro el viejo: It was built to pray.

-Church de San Nicolas de los Servitas: It function was to be a parish for pray. It was used to pray but then it was used as storeage the weapons,as cuartel,warehouse and the acting hall of the Royal Band.

5. Who ordered and paid for the construction of the civil buildings? Why?

The Christian Wall: The emir Muhammad I ordered it to protect the muslim kingdom

Ribat: The emir Muhammad order to build it. To avoid being atack by the christians

Alamillo square:The muslims orderd to build it for locate a court of justice

Muslim wall:Alfonso VII of Castilla order to buil it

Sta Catalina de los donados Hospital: Pedro Fernandez ordered to built it for attending old people

6. Who ordered and paid for the construction of the religious buildings? Why?

Parish of San Gines

Church of San Miguel de los Octoes: The cardinal Infante Luis Antonio de Borbon ordered to built it.

Church of San Pedro el viejo:

Church of San Nicolas de los Servitas: Probably it was ordered by some muslim monarch or governor.

Considering the buildings that you have studied, write a small composition (10 lines) in which you explain:

1. In what ways society organized in Madrid during the Middle Ages?

2. What did the people who built the buildings hope to show with their structures?

3.What role did religion play during the Middle Ages? Was it a private and personal matter? Or, was it related to social status?

Give your personal opinion, but support it using the buildings and exampled what you have studied to defend your ideas.

During the Middle Ages society was organized in two states. The nobles and the clergy formed part of the privileged state. The workers formed part of the non.privileged estates. Poor people were trated worst than rich ones, even they became their slaves.

Rich people construct their houses in very important places, appart of the construction of the important buildings wich sometimes they ordered to built it to show all the money they have.They also built the important buildings because on that hand the people could recognised them or they can became part of the government, the church...

Religion was almost the most important thing in the Middle Ages. People spent a lot of their time praying and they believe so much in their Gods. I think

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