This page has been created by María González Martín and Ainhoa Rivilla Rodríguez.

Now, I live in a school, San Idelfonso de Niños de la Doctrina. I'm an orphan, my father died before I was born and my mother died 2 months after I was born. No one knows them.

I thing I didn't know was that in my family there were a lot of secrets.

When I was younger I lived with more children, like me, without parents. But now, the headteacher of the school told me that I have to leave it, because I'm 14 and there are orpfans that need it more than me.

As I need money and a house to live in, I started looking for a job and I found one. I'll start tomorrow. I have to work in a rich family's house, and they'll give me a salary and a bed to sleep. While I work on the evenings in this house I'll continue going to school.

One day, in the school, someone told me that a teacher wanted to talk with me so I went to see her.

There she told me everything: the first thing she told me was that my family, our was alive. She was my mother!

I was so happy because my mother was not dead but, there was one thing I wanted to know... Who was my father?

One day at school I asked her and she told me that my father was Alfonso the sixth! I culdn't believe it, I was the prince! But my mother told me that he didn't know that he has a son. I believe one day I would meet my father.