This page has been created by Raquel Martinez and Laura Barbadillo.

My name is mustafa. I live with my parents in a small house that is located in a street which is called "Tabernillas". My life is a bit boring because like I'm just 6 I can't do the things that the older people do. But I love playing with my friends in the street, although sometimes I'm scared of being without an adult in the street.
And I'm scared specially during nightime because there is some people doing things like for example instead of walking straight , they walk doing curves and they sing with a very strange and loudly voice. And when I go back home, there's always a lot of people in the locals that I think they are called taverns, so I supouse that all these people doing these things come form the taverns. Some days, my father comes doing these strange things, and my mother gets very angry because she says that my father only drinks and spends the day in the taverns, but I don't know what does she really mean saying that my father only "drinks".
My mother and me sometimes go for a walk, and the other day we were walking in my street and there was a man that was saying things in a strange way that I couldn't understand, and my mother explained me that he was a person that can't see and that he was reciting romances , and in that way he would obtained some money. These days my mum is a bit worried because she says that other people that we called "The Christians" are going to attack us in any moment.
Today my mother has woke up me very scared saying me that we have to escape because the Christians are near, but I don't want, so I hid in one of the taverns. But now I know that she was right because there are lots of people fighting in the street, and I,m very scared, I want to find her or my father.
Suddenly, a big and strong arm pulled me out of the tavern, he was my uncle. I run with he down the streets for a long time and then we´ve stopped in a squeare where the market is located.
-The Christians are here, your parents are far away now and you have to hide in my house, there you will be safe-
-But i´m scared, uncle whats happening?
-don´t worry everything will be allright, now run to my house I´ll be there for dinner, and don´t stop or talk with anyone during your way-
-ok uncle, bye-
I ran the faster I could until I get to my uncle´s house. Everyone in the streets were screaming and runing.
I was sitting on the floor waiting my uncle when the door opens and two strange men came in, they were much more bigger and stronger than my father was, they took me and told me that I had to go with them.
We traveled by horse for hours until we got to a house, the two men told that I had to live with them, so I had to convert to the Christianism.
Some years later one of the men told me that I had enough age to work so we traveled to Madrid again and we returned to the same street that I used to live when I was a child, we entered in one of the taverns were my dad used to drink.There was a frienly man who told me that I was going to be a waiter in the tavern, that was my new job.
This man looked very familiar to me and he also was married with a beautiful woman, they both worked in the tavern, the man was the waiter and the woman was the cook.
That nigh when we were going out the tavern the woman told me:
-Mustafa, I´m your mother, you don´t remember me?- she was almost crying
-Oh, mother!- I gave her a big hug
-So you are my dad-
-Yes Mustafa-
I was happy because knew that my parents were allright. Then they told me that the two men that I was living with were my uncle´s friends they also told me that they also converted to Christianism.
Then I came home with my parents, my uncle and the two men, we were going to have dinner all togheter to celebrate that we were allright.